Unity 3D

World of 7 Walls –¬†Unity 3D Project

Here you can play my final project during my diploma studies at the SAE Institute in Hamburg. With two teammates we developed a small game within three months.

World of 7 Walls is a Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter.

The game is over two years old and unfortunately I am having trouble with the Unity 3D web player. Therefore I can’t host the game on my web page with the Unity 3D web player anymore. But you can download the standalone version for Windows 64-Bit here: Download

How to Play:

Start the application, enter a name, click the „Start“ button and click on „Start hosting a server“ button. Then the game will start and other clients can connect to the server. Without any other players connected you will not have much to do, but you can check out the map and some other features, for example the teleport arrow (right mouse button).