GUI Menu (CryEngine 3)

GUI Menu with Adobe Flash and Cry Engine 3SDK

Here you can find my custom menu, which I created with Adobe Flash and the CryEngine 3 SDK. It is very simple and those were my first steps in the CryEngine. On one hand I’m amazed how much power the developer gets in the CryEngine, but on the other hand I’m overwhelmed of the complexity.

Here you can find a short capture of my menu.

This menu lets the player choose between four weapons and then equips the two chosen weapons to the player. In combination of action script and CryEngine’s Flowgraph, it is possible to separate the GUI from the functionality. As soon as the player hits the „Start Mission“ button a string gets send from the flash file to the Flowgraph, which then reads out the two weapons and equips them to the player. The player can open up the menu again and choose other weapons if he likes to. It would be really easy to adjust the this menu for different purposes, for example, the player should only be able to open up the menu at the beginning of a level.

Here some you can see the code for the „Start Mission“ button in action script 2:



Here you can see my solution for evaluating the incoming string:

CryEngine3 Flowgraph MENU